Wet Ink Festival 2023

Prepare for the return of The Wet Ink Festival! One full weekend of freshly made art! We begin on Friday with Projectile Comedy Improv where the players will collect prompts from the audience not simply for their games, but also for the 6 writers who will have to incorporate those audience generated prompts into the one-act plays they’ll be writing later that night. They will also have to work in props, titles, and the number of actors they will be assigned during the improv show! Audiences will also be treated to actor auditions and talent presentations as part of the first evening’s entertainment! Come back on Saturday night to witness 6 newly written one-act plays, based on your prompts, with actors you saw audition and directors you saw assigned to each show, and be amazed by the stupendous talent in our theatre community! $10 each night or $15 for both!