Auditions/Cast Lists

Cast Lists

  • Deyja Whitcomb – Charlie Dalrymple
  • Sam Grove – Stuart Dalrymple
  • Janie Sutton – Fiona MacLaren
  • Daphne Stearns – Harry Beaton/Frank
  • Jessany Sandine(Principle Dancer)/Katherine Clark – Jane Ashton
  • Justyce Bickel – Jean MacLaren (Principle Dancer)
  • Casey Roth – Jeff Douglas
  • Katherine Clark – Kate
  • Amy Dixon – Meg Brockie
  • Becky Dixon – Mr. Lundie
  • Sam Grove – Stuart Dalrymple
  • Cole Johnson – Tommy Albright
  • Marcia Bickel – Maggie Anderson (Principal Dancer)
  • Meghan Kilroy – Angus MacGuffie
  • Josh Williams – Andrew MacLaren
  • Carter Roth – Fishmonger

Winnie Foster: Rhys McManus

Jesse Tuck: Jae Miller

Mae Tuck: Maeve Storey

Angus Tuck: James Wild

Miles Tuck: Aubrey Williams

Man in the Yellow Suit: Hadley Mosser

Constable Joe: Sydney Shinsel

Hugo: Quinn Clark

Mother: Sophie Pearson

Toad: Bailey Malone

Ensemble: Adalyn Hedges, Holly Despain, Talon Lan

January 12, 13, 14 & 19, 20, 21, 2024

December 7, 8, 9, 10 & 14, 15, 16, 17 Directed by Gary Treglown Musical Direction by Dulais Rhys

Congratulations to the cast! Thank you to all that auditioned!

  • Scrooge – Ben Bishop
  • Bob Cratchit – Cruz Martinez
  • Tiny Tim – Soren Fields
  • Ghost of Christmas Present/Sandwich – Garrett Barnett
  • Ghost of Christmas Past/Lamplighter – Reegan Snell
  • Ghost of Christmas Future/Blind Woman – Alessia Caldwell/Norma Sitton
  • Jacob Marley – Colter Swan
  • Mr. Smythe – Dakota Hunter
  • Grace Smythe – Molly Boileau
  • Fezziwig – Dan Struckman
  • Mrs. Fezziwig – Becky Dixon
  • Emily – Jacquelyn Dutton
  • Mrs. Cratchit – Dejya Whitcomb
  • Cratchit Brother – Carter Roth
  • Cratchit Sister – Shae Wilson
  • Fred Anderson – Cole Johnson
  • Sally Anderson – Amy Johnson
  • Young Scrooge – Stormy Baker
  • Mrs. Mops – Marisa Clark
  • John Scrooge – William Stearns
  • Scrooge’s Mother – Janie Sutton
  • Elves – ALL Children

Ken Ludwig’s The Game’s Afoot, or Holmes for the Holidays cast list

  • William Gillette – John Slaugh
  • Martha Gillette – Ginger Roll
  • Felix Geisel – Geoffrey Curtis
  • Madge Geisel – Fig Bruyette
  • Simon Bright – Stormy Baker
  • Aggie Wheeler – Delaney Harrington
  • Daria Chase-Vanessa Dent
  • Inspector Goring – Ruhiyyih (Roo-hee-yuh) Tolton

Previous Auditions

Directed by Precious McKenzie, Brigadoon is a wistful musical classic about two American tourists who stumble upon a magical village in the Scottish Highlands. The village seems like a place that time forgot and the tourists learn that this place only appears in the mists once every one hundred years.

Auditions are open for adults with a select number of roles for children available as well. Auditioners should prepare to sing a song from Brigadoon and one other piece of their choice, and need to come prepared to read from the script, and be prepared to dance. Excerpts of scripts will be available for check out at the NOVA Box Office. 

A “comedy-mystery” filled with chills and laughs. The cast calls for 4 men and 4 women of varying ages. Set in the ’30’s it calls for beautiful costumes and set design. Calling for actors ready to chew the sets and have a grand time in this Holmes-esque production. Directed by Gustavo Belotta this show runs November 10, 11, 12 and 17, 18 & 19.

Open to incoming 4th-8th graders who want to learn improv and have the opportunity to perform in front of an audience!
A new addition to NOVA’s Youth Conservatory, coached by Marisa Clark!

Prep? NONE! Just come as your wonderful self, dressed in something you can move around in, ready to have fun and be a little silly!
Venture Improv has been performing in Billings for 28 years, and is still going strong! We take suggestions from our audiences and create short comedic scenes on the spot.
We are looking to add 2-3 people to the group. We do ask that you are available to rehearse once a week and perform once a month from October-May. If you have any further questions, please email the troupe leader, Tiffany at We look forward to seeing you!

First rehearsal is Monday, July 31st at NOVA. 5:00PM contact with questions or concerns. See you there!

Season 10 Productions – 2022-23

  • Fanny Brice – DeLaney Hard Ray
  • Nick Arnstein – Cruz Martinez
  • Florenz Ziefeld, Jr. – Cole Johnson
  • Mr. Keeney – Ben Bishop
  • Eddie Ryan – Stormy Baker
  • Mrs. Brice – Janie Sutton
  • Mrs. Meeker – Marisa Clark
  • Mrs. Strakosh – Norma Sitton
  • Mrs. O’Malley – Abby Ebers
  • Emma – Jakclyn
  • Bubbles (show girl) – Ana Roberts
  • Mr. Renaldi – Bryce Howard
  • Show Girls – Amy Dixon, Katelyn Hoefle, Allison Massey

Audition for Stuart Little, a Youth Conservatory Production

FINAL auditions!

Saturday, April 15th at 2:00PM, Monday, April 17th at 6:00PM

A fun, familiar musical. Open auditions, looking for singers, dancers, comedians, thespians, and theater lovers! (Crews are always needed besides those that are on-stage).

*A note from the Director: Please plan to be on time as we will begin with a brief presentation discussing the concept of the show. There will be some “cold” readings (scripts provided). Please come prepared with 16 to 24 bars of music, please bring sheet music as accompaniment will be provided. All ladies are asked to bring (VERY) high-heeled shoes, if auditioning for Fannie, or the Zigfeld Girls.

Those auditioning specifically for the role of Fanny Brice are to choose a piece that can be “belted out” (music term for full-on double forte)!

Thank you, Gary Treglown

Congratulations to the Cast of Borrowers!!

CONGRATULATIONS! To the cast of The Borrowers! There was so much talent that came out for this show, and I wish I could have cast all 78 kids. If you did not get a part, please don’t let that discourage you from auditioning in the future.

May 12-14 and 19-21, 2023

  • Arrietty – Emily Freedman
    • Understudy – Maeve Storey
  • Pod – Noah Krumdieck
    • Understudy – Madi Kenat
  • Homily – Acacia Frasier
    • Understudy – Rosie Byorth
  • Boy – Talon Lane
  • Mrs. Driver – Ashley LeFevre
  • Crampfurl – Trevor Barbeau
  • Spiller – Korbin Elsenpeter
  • Travelling Boy – Andrew Weldon
  • Uncle Hendreary – Colter Swan
  • Aunt Lupy – Hannah Hoefle
  • Eggletina – Danielle Freedman

Chorus of Critters – Killian Byrne, Rosie Byorth, Noelle Englehart, Danielle Freedman, Amelia Green, Raquel Green, Ben Herbst, Hannah Hoefle, Hattie Hoefle, Rylee Jansen, Bree Pepper, Aliya Riley, Caleb Riley, Maeve Storey, Madeleine Sutton, Colter Swan, Charlotte Walker, Avery Yarbrough

Tech Crew – Stella Dolan, Adrianna Englehart, Alder Fields, Elias Jones, Madi Kenat, AnonaRose Korwald, Macy Krumdiek, Sable Oring, Dartagnan Oring

Director: DeLaney Hardy Ray Assistant Director: Ben Bishop Stage Manager: Lucas Storey

Sponsored by:

AUDITIONS! Saturday, March 11 2:00PM

For grades K-12, come ready to follow instructions, wear comfy clothes, bring a water bottle, and a grown-up to fill out the paper work.

Thank you to the all beautiful talent that came out and auditioned for our production of An Inspector Calls. We are grateful to have had such a difficult time getting to our final decision on the final cast.   – Gustavo Belotta, Director

April 21, 22, 23 & 28, 29, 30

Listed in alphabetical order:

  • Edna –
  • Geoff Curtis – Gerald Croft
  • Vanessa Dent – Sybil Birling
  • Bryce Howe – Eric Birling
  • Brent Nice – Inspector Goole –
  • Rob Paul – Arthur Birling
  • Ana Roberts – Sheila Birling


Sunday, February 12th, Monday, Feb. 13th 6:00PM

From the Director, Gus Belotta:
It’s a pretty serious play with a lot of great moments, a wide range of emotions. Here’s a blurb:
The play is a three-act drama which takes place on a single night on 5 April 1912. The play focusses on the prosperous upper middle-class Birling family, who live in a comfortable home in the fictional town of Brumley, “an industrial city in the north Midlands.” The family is visited by a man calling himself Inspector Goole, who questions the family about the suicide of a young working-class woman in her mid-twenties.
It plays out like a mystery with twists and turns and revelations.
It’s going to be a great show, and you should be a part of it!

Cast List
  • GRUMIO – Ben Bishop
  • WIDOW—Glenda Brauneis
  • PETRUCHIO – Geoffrey Cutiss
  • JOSEPH/TAILOR – Emily Freedman
  • GREMIO – Cole Johnson
  • CURTIS – Elias Jones
  • NATHANIEL/OFFICER – Meghan Kilroy
  • HORTENSIO – Richard Leeds
  • LUCENTIO – Cruz Martinez
  • BIONDELLO – Fig Newton
  • KATHARINA – DeLaney Hardy Ray
  • PEDANT – Kai Reese
  • VINCENTIO – Ginger Roll
  • PHILLIP/MESSENGER – Reegen Snell
  • BAPTISTA – Mary Rose Swan
  • TRANIO – Owen Toledo
  • BIANCA – Miranda Wallace
  • NICHOLAS/HABERDASHER – Jennifer Wenger

AUDITIONS!! Monday, January 16th, 6:00PM at NOVA

Shakespeare’s “Taming of the Shrew”…..the smart and sassy Katherina vs. the equally smart and sassy Petruchio! Plus a cast of characters playing other characters, pretending to be others, and all trying to find love (or money)! Join the cast and see how fun The Bard really is!

Performance dates are March 10-12 & 17-19.

Auditions completed on July 24th

Thank you to everyone who came out to auditions! You were all wonderful and we wish we could have cast you all. Even if you didn’t make it, we encourage you to audition for future shows.
First rehearsal is Monday, August 8th, 5:30pm at NOVA.

Tinker Bell – Katherine Englehart
Peter Pan – Reegan Snell
Hook – Noah Krumdieck
Smee – Rosie Byorth
Wendy – Maeve Storey
John – Emmett Gilfeather
Michael – Bella Edwards
Nana – Ayla Swander
Mrs. Darling – Elizabeth Paul
Croc – Amy Larson

Lost Boys
Tootles – Bryson Blair
Nibs – Colter Swan
Slightly – Ewan Baker
Curly – Kai Reese
Twin #1 – Oliver Tocco
Twin #2 – Otis Heggem

Sahahara Small
Tristan Root
Ainsley Gilfeather
Shae Wilson
Charlee Dira
Nora Fitterer
Lyla Sauther

Maggie Wilson
Abigail Taylor
Aubrey Sauther
Violet Miller
Brylie Hamilton
Miriam Sutton

Myla Brekke
Raquel Green
Vienna Norberg

Jett Barta
Collin Hamilton
Soren Fields
Alder Fields

Stella Dolan
Elyina Miller
Amelia Green