Student Assistant Director/Stage Manager Program

Student Assistant Director/Stage Manager Program

Exciting Student Opportunity! NOVA is seeking creative youths to be the Student Assistant Director/Stage Managers for our upcoming productions of The Most Epic Birthday Party Ever and Tuck Everlasting. The Student Assistant Director/Stage Manager will work with the show’s Director and the Youth Conservatory Director to put together a mainstage show and learn about the process of directing and stage managing. Position includes attending auditions, rehearsals and production meetings, assisting with scheduling, and helping achieve the director’s vision through observation, direction tasks, and note-taking.

Assistant Director Tasks

  • Please arrive 10 minutes before rehearsal to check in with the director about the goal of that evening’s rehearsal. Then expect to stay 10 min after rehearsal to help clean up and reset the space.
  • Observe during rehearsal and take notes with observations and ideas.
  • Share notes, ideas, & observations with the director during appropriate times such as breaks and transitions.
  • Check with the director before enacting personal notes with the cast. Keep the director’s vision in mind as you work. Remember that while we want to utilize your skills that you are the assistant to the director and should support their work and vision.
  • Do assigned direction tasks including blocking scenes, doing character work with actors, and running scenes that have already been blocked to review and hone scene-work.
  • Take the lead when requested to share notes and observations with the cast.
  • Help keep actors focused. Shush actors backstage, give the fidgets or separate students if needed.


Applicant must be 13 years or older.

Applicant must be responsible, showcase quality leadership skills, and have good time management skills.

Applicant must be able to work independently and with a team. They must be able to be professional with their peers, adults, and kids of all ages.

Applicant should be able to take initiative and be self sufficient while also being able to take instruction and follow it.

Applicant should be prepared to learn by observing and by working hands on. Applicant should be invested in this learning opportunity by asking questions and taking construction criticism well.

Applicant must be available for 75% of the rehearsal schedule for the production.


Please submit a cover letter and theatrical resume to Applications are due November 30.

Resume Instructions: Please include performance experience, technical experience, and any other applicable work, volunteer, or leadership experience.

Cover Letter Instructions: Please share in your own words why you’re interested in being the assistant director for The Most Epic Birthday Party Ever or Tuck Everlasting. Feel free to answer the questions below in your letter or take your own approach to the prompt:

  • What do you hope to learn?
  • What elements of the job are exciting to you?
  • What do you bring to the story of “The Most Epic Birthday Party Ever” or “Tuck Everlasting” ?
  • What specific strengths and skills do you have that would make you good for the job?