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One Act Operas

March 29-31, & April 5-7 in the Roebling Theater
One-Act Operas

This production is in the public domain

Composed by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart a shepherdess, fears that her “dearest friend”, Bastien, has forsaken her for another pretty face, and decides to go into the pasture to be comforted by her flock of lambs.

This production is in the public domain
Composed by Jacques Offenbach

Mr. Choufleuri is about to present a big, expensive musical for all of Paris when his three principal singers defect from the project. Last- minute replacements are provided by Mr. Choufleuri’s daughter, Ernestine; her lover, Babylas (whom Ernestine sneaks into the event); and Mr. Choufleuri himself. Babylas uses this occasion to force Choufleuri into granting him Ernestine’s hand in marriage along with a large dowry.
Musical Evening

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