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About the Art: Mary Ann Baty

Artist Name: Mary Ann Baty

Artist Bio: Native of Billings, MT

Obtained BA in Art and in English from MSU-Billings in 2011. I enjoy photography as well as painting and drawing media. The pleasure of puzzling out adaptations in media during the composition of concepts with more than two dimensions makes me smile.

Title of artwork: Between the Flames (Prelude in the key of “P”)

Description of Artwork: Mixed media painting with added three-dimensional structures.

Two pieces, cello and stand: Wounded, decommissioned cello morphing into a phoenix in a metaphor of healing. Cello is seated on a painted wooden stand with two attached molded/painted rock forms along with eggshell forms that contain a burning egg. The shells, with the egg form seated inside, rest on the front rock form.

Artist Statement: The phoenix myth has been a favorite of mine for years, but this particular inspiration goes back to the February 24 thought for the day on my calendar: ‘“It’s the space between the bars that holds the tiger,” as they say in Zen, and it’s the silence between the notes that makes the music.”’ My personal contribution to this meditation is that everything has a phoenix inside, and the space between the flames of change enables transformation.

The prelude in the key of “P” reference in the title is my bit of whimsy as I nod in respect to the special language that we call music.

Approximate Retail Value: $2,000


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