NOVA Center for the Performing Arts -- Billings, Montana
Madeline and the Gypsies

April 28- May 11, 2018 
Sponsored by Streeter Brothers ISU Insurance Services

When Madeline and her friend, Pepito, get lost during a visit to the carnival and end up being carried away by gypsies, their rousing adventures with a traveling circus begin! But poor Miss Clavel won’t rest until she has brought them safely home. This new musical bursts with daring circus acts, song and sweet silliness.


Director - Janie Sutton

Madeline - Aria Lund
Miss Clavel - Tia Schlosser
Clementine - Katherine Englehart
Pepito - Cooper Hagen
Pepito’s Servant - Evelyn Atkinson

Girls - Lily Ascheman, Cassiopeia Byram, Kailey Elder, Tilly Heenan, Emily Homer, Meta Judson, Erin Hope Kelley, Enslee Faith Kelley, Ali Krause, Beatrice Layton,

Gendarme - Edlen Brockman
Cabbie -Owen McCaughey
Gentleman/Thief - Evan Hansen
Conductor -Amanda Wilathgamuwa

Farmers -Rylie Curry, Mikaela Willems

Gypsy Mama -Elisha Joy Kelley
Strongman - William Shields
Clown - Liam McCaughey
Barker - Courtney Tougas
Petronella/Contortionist - Isabella Stuart

Lion - Evelyne Mackey
Elephant - Noelle Englehart
Seal - Madilyn Byrd
Snake Charmer - Korbin Elsenpeter

Gypsies/Circus Performers - Autumn Lucia Byram, Alaina James, Samantha McCaughey

Set and Lighting Design: Dan Nickerson
Accompanist: Donna Ayers
Lights and Sound: Orion & Ellen Layton
Costumes: Susan McCaughey & Jeannette Englehart
Properties: Meghan Ascheman
Assistant: Karen Evenson

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