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Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland

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NOVA Center for the Performing Arts is proud to announce their next Youth Production!

Alice’s Adventures in Wonderland Feb21 – 23 & Feb28 – March 2
Adapted by Tim Kelly
Directed by Kelsey Steffan

Join Alice in her misadventures in Wonderland. In this Lewis Carroll adaptation by Tim Kelly, we follow Alice down the rabbit hole and into a world of intrigue and fantasy. In a land populated by peculiar creatures, Alice must find her way through a mad tea party, absurd debates, a giant chess match and an unfair trial. Watch as her imagination and curiosity propel her into one extraordinary situation after another which eventually leads to a struggle for her own survival.

Kelsey Steffan directs this entirely youth cast. Join the fun and get ready for a thrilling adventure!

Director: Kelsey Steffan
Assistant Directors/Stage Managers: Leilahni Kay and Alyssa Principe
Alice– Shannon Sheehy
White Rabbit– Emma Ulrichs
Mouse– Jamison Rogers
Mock Turtle– Allison Young
Lory– Kendall Nusbaum
Dodo– Chloe Mayer
Red Queen- Elizabeth Andrews
Duchess– Makay Loran
Soldier One– Andrew Sutton
Knave of Hearts– Cruz Martinez
Soldier Two– Lillian Fix-Brierton
Queen of Hearts– Allison Allen
Caterpillar– Madi Morgan
Fish Footman– Reagan Melber
Frog Footman– Kirstin Herbert
Cook– Caitlin Schneider
Cheshire Cat– Tyler Shackelford
Tweedledee– Seja Foster
Tweedledum– Ryland Nelson
Mad Hatter– Matthew Hagen
March Hare– Val Wilson
Dormouse– Elizabeth Kay
Rose– Julia Smith
Lily– Sophie Pitts
Daisy– Daisy Parnell
White Queen– Kenzy Gilsdorf
Knight– Micah Andrews
Humpty Dumpty– Danielle Dupree
King of Hearts– Luke Johnson
Sister– Anna Stagg
Citizens– Emma Church, Jaelee Von Schriltz, Harley Heeftle, William Shields, Cody Dupree, Lily Pitts


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