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Opera 101
Opera 101  What you need to know before you go.

 A primer on opera, Wales, the composer Joseph Parry, and a delightful opportunity to meet and get to know the sparkling Dulais Rhys…a man of many talents, that we are, now, fortunate enough to call a fellow Montanan.
Three illustrated lectures on the history, content, and importance of Blodwen – the first Welsh opera.

Lecture 1: Significance of Blodwen in America to The Plot of the Opera.

Lecture 2: From who wrote the Libretto to The Welsh Language . (Buckle up for a five minute mandatory, non-optional, compulsory, doors-are-locked Welsh language lesson.)

Lecture 3: What is a chamber version of an opera to why was there a 1978 (one hundred year anniversary) performance?

Ending with an invitation to attend the Dress Rehearsal of Blodwen on May, 8th!


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