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Scholarship and Low Income Tuition

A limited number of need-based financial scholarships and low income tuitions are available to those who apply. Please download and complete the application below. Deadline for Summer applications is one week prior to the start of each camp. Late or incomplete applications will not be accepted.



All applications must include:

  • Completed Scholarship Application
  • Copy of your most recent tax return or proof of last year's income
  • Letter from the student explaining why he/she wants to be a part of NOVA’s Summer Theater Program
  • Letter from a teacher/instructor who can speak of the student's character and need for financial assistance.
Please complete this process and set up a time to meet with Youth Director Dan Nickerson to turn in your application. Thank you for your applications and we hope to meet with you soon.

Dan Nickerson
Youth Director, NOVA Center for the Performing Arts
(406) 208-2016


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