NOVA Center for the Performing Arts -- Billings, Montana

Upcoming Auditions:

Perfect Arrangement

September 5th at 5 PM

September 6th at 7 PM

At NOVA Center for the Performing Arts.

All roles available:

BOB MARTINDALE - 30s-40s, A WWII veteran, reserved. A bit bookish, but a solid man's man. Good-humored and well-mannered.

MILLIE MARTINDALE - late 20s-30s,  Bob's wife. Plays "The dizzy wife" when people are in the house, but actually very quick-witted and observant. Smart enough to maintain the act.

NORMA BAXTER - 30s, The knowing, efficient, classy dame. A secretary at the State Department who could just as easily be Secretary of State. A smart woman who's great with a wisecrack and level-headed in a bind.

JIM BAXTER - 20s-30s, Norma's husband. A prankster type, always ready with a comeback. A high school teacher with lots of energy. A little wired, good with a plan.

THEODORE SUNDERSON - 40s-50s, The boss. Bombastic, loud, a little overbearing. A patriotic windbag.

KITTY SUNDERSON - 40s, Ted's wife. Legitimately ditzy. Her brain seems to work on a totally different wavelength than the rest of the world. Very sweet, and very genuine. Just doesn't quite "get it".

BARBARA GRANT - 40s, A formidable opponent. No-nonsense, beautiful, brilliant, and a little scary.

NOVA requires masks during performances for audience members.  Wearing a mask protects our actors and staff, masks are for your safety and everyone around you as well. We look forward to seeing you!


For more information about future production auditions please contact NOVA

Phone: (406) 591-9535

Thank you for your interest in NOVA Center for the performing Arts.



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